Discover these new target groups in 2023

Which users reject cookies, surf in private mode and use adblockers?

Only young users surf with an adblocker?
The private mode is only used in exceptional cases?
Most users accept cookies?

We got to the bottom of these prejudices (among many other things) in our Online Reachability Study and asked more than 1000 German online users about their online (purchasing) behavior. To give a small preview: None of these prejudices have been confirmed!

At the beginning of the new year we would like to give you some exclusive insights into cookieless, private mode and adblock users, who make up a significant part of the advertising reach but are difficult to reach.

More than half of the users surveyed indicated that they customize or refuse cookies. Also, more than half of the users stated that they occasionally or always surf in private mode. And a total of 39% say they use an adblocker.

All target groups have one thing in common: They buy products online – and often.

If you want to know which products they like to buy and whether cookieless, private mode and adblock users are also attractive target groups for your campaigns, send us a short message and we will send you the study results.

Do you want to reach cookieless, private mode and adblock users? Click here and send us a quick message.

We wish you all an eventful and successful year 2023. We are looking forward to many exciting projects and the exchange of ideas with you.

We notice that, in addition to private mode and adblock users, which have long been significant restrictions for the advertising industry, advertisers and publishers are particularly interested in cookieless users. As a specialist for cookieless users, we are always happy to answer any questions you may have.