tisoomi and AdDefend jointly reach users of blocking technologies

The cooperation offers publishers and advertisers an even greater potential to successfully reach users who block online ads.

Hamburg, July 23, 2020 – tisoomi and AdDefend announce a close cooperation and enable publishers and advertisers to address ad-blocking online users even more successfully. Beyond the German market, the two Hamburg-based companies are the leading providers for the addressing of online users who block online ads. The collaboration opens up even more attractive opportunities for publishers and advertisers to monetize unreachable target groups and advertising reach. With unobtrusive ads ensuring a positive advertising experience, the user always remains in focus.

The blocking of online ads has been established around the world for years. In Germany, around 24% of online users can no longer be reached by advertisers (according to the official ad blocker rate of the BVDW, as of Q4 2019). Online publishers see their business model at risk, offering high-quality, free content in return for advertisements on their pages. The income from online ads ensures that consumers keep free access to the content of their choice. The compromise is therefore to display attractive and unobtrusive ads to ad-blocking users which are not disruptive in the user experience, for example by not overlaying any content. In this way, free access to high-quality online content can be ensured in the long term.

However, it is not only users of ad blockers who can no longer be reached online. “It is widely known that the display of online ads is no longer possible through private modes, Ghostery, anti-virus software or company networks. This means that many additional users can no longer be reached than the official ad blocker rate indicates,” explains Dominik Reisig, CEO of AdDefend GmbH. “Blocking technologies are developing rapidly, it has never been so difficult to reach users with online ads”.

In order to enable publishers and advertisers addressing these users even more effectively, tisoomi and AdDefend unite their expertise and work closely together in the future. Both companies focus on their previous core competencies. AdDefend focuses on the expansion of the publisher base and support as well as the further development of the technology. tisoomi concentrates on marketing the common reach and thereby ensuring the performance of the campaigns for advertisers at the highest level.

“The high percentage of blocked online advertising reach and unreachable target groups is also an opportunity for publishers and advertisers,” emphasizes Andreas Sutt, managing director of tisoomi GmbH. “The results of our advertising impact studies reveal that ad-blocking users react positively to online ads if they are designed to be unobtrusive and appealing. Together with AdDefend, we are creating even more user-oriented solutions for how publishers can monetize their entire reach and advertisers can reach attractive new target groups. In addition to classic display advertising, we also offer video and native ads on our network. The collaboration opens up even greater potential for publishers and advertisers.”

tisoomi and AdDefend reach 12 million unique users with up to 2.5 billion ad impressions per month. The premium network includes more than 300 publishers, including half of the top 20 AGOF sites.